About Judith Asner

Judith Asner, MSW, LCSW-C, Chevy Chase, MarylandClients describe Judi as wise, experienced and compassionate. Her approach is direct. If you ask a question, you will get an answer. Each session should lead you to better understand your situation and your needs, and help you take action to improve your life.


People have different motivations for coming to therapy. Often they seek support in difficult circumstances, or seek to understand unresolved internal conflicts. Some feel they benefit from the opportunity to self-reflect within a safe, confidential relationship with a professional, wherein they share their deepest feelings.

Others come to be coached towards their dreams, to heal an eating disorder or trauma, or to lessen their pain. Whatever the reason, the result should be a sense of well-being, greater peace of mind, comfort within your body and symptom reduction.

At the end of every session, Judi will ask you about the “pearl” you are taking home. Although there are no instant cures, each session should give you an insight or a “win” that you can use to further your progress. Above all, if the therapy is going well, you will feel a sense of optimism about your future.


Judi believes the therapeutic relationship starts with a feeling of comfort and compatibility on both the therapist’s and client’s part. As a team, the two of you will decide upon the therapeutic approach, length of treatment and your goals. As there is no one-size-fits-all formula, your therapy is tailored to your specific needs. You and Judi will discuss your personal history as it is relevant to your issues, any current life events that are impacting these issues, and the most appropriate care for your physical and mental health. Be assured that confidentiality is the cornerstone of the therapeutic relationship – whatever is discussed never leaves the room without your written consent. Common Questions »

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