Everyone has a dream for their life, but not everyone has the courage to go after it. You have to decide if you want to be one of the courageous people. A coach can help you.

Just think about it… the most successful people have coaches!

See the great athletes with their coaches besides them at the Olympic games, or the CEOs who confide in their executive coaches, or even the president of the United States with his chief of staff and closest advisors? A coach is someone you speak to in total confidentiality, who is there to help you hold to your agenda, keep you on track, keep the momentum going, make sure you fulfill your well thought-out vision. Your coach must hold you to your word and tell you the truth if you falter.

As your coach, I can help your articulate your dream, called the “life vision.” Together we will lay out the goals to reach that vision—starting with the first meeting. If barriers or boulders get in the way of progress, it’s my job to prompt the powerful questions that will mobilize you to learning and action. “What will happen if I don’t change? What new learning has to happen for me, and then how will new possibilities open up? Can I move into action? If not now, when?”

Is coaching the same as psychotherapy? No. Psychotherapy deals with the past, with emotional difficulties which have not been resolved or are in the process of being resolved. Coaching assumes that the client is healthy, resourceful, and ready to change. It’s about the present and the future—starting now.

Coaching can take place in person or over the phone, depending on your needs and preferences. Coaching is a co-active collaboration, and we’ll develop a joint coaching contract to structure our partnership in a way that makes sense for you. (Note that coaching is not covered by insurance. It is not mental health treatment and is not a substitute for mental health treatment.)

'The Star of the Hero' by Nicholas Roerich

‘The Star of the Hero’ by Nicholas Roerich

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