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Each person has different motivations for coming to therapy, but so often it is to seek out extra support when you need it. Therapy is a process of two people coming together to form an alliance that ultimately helps you develop more self-reliance, better problem solving skills, faith in yourself and your ability to choose the direction of your life, while gaining comfort in your own skin and peace of mind.


Judi believes the therapeutic relationship starts with a feeling of comfort and compatibility on both the therapist’s and client’s part. As a team, the two of you will decide upon the therapeutic approach, length of treatment and your goals. As there is no one-size-fits-all formula, your therapy is tailored to your specific needs. You and Judi will discuss your personal history as it is relevant to your issues, any current life events that are impacting these issues, and the most appropriate care for your physical and mental health. Be assured that confidentiality is the cornerstone of the therapeutic relationship. Whatever is discussed never leaves the room without your written consent.


Expect to discuss your personal history as relevant to your issue, any current life events that are impacting your issues, and discuss updates of progress from previous therapy sessions. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to your needs. Depending on your issues, therapy can be short or long-term. Together you and Judi will discuss the most appropriate plan of care to help you be effective in your personal development.

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Office at 5530 Wisconsin Avenue, Chevy Chase, Maryland


Appointments requests can be made by email or phone message. Judi prefers a phone conversation prior to scheduling your first appointment.

Office Phone: (301) 654-3211


Judi is an out-of-network therapist for all insurance providers. Payment is due in full at the session. She will provide you with a receipt that is insurance-ready, should you wish to submit a claim to your provider.


Cash, check, or credit/debit card are accepted. All credit/debit card charges are subject to a 3% processing fee.

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