'The Lovers' by Picasso

‘The Lovers’ by Picasso

Imago Relationship Therapy provides a safe environment in which couples can explore their relationship to each other through “dialogue,” the process of active listening. Through this process, you deepen your bond, learn to resolve conflicts, and increase your intimacy and happiness. Marriage becomes a satisfying adventure.

Imago Relationship Therapy can help you understand:

  • Why you were initially attracted to each other based on your early relationships
  • Why the spark may have gone out of your relationship
  • Why you seem to struggle with the same long-standing conflicts
  • How resolving these conflicts can deepen your intimacy
  • How you can give each other what was missing in childhood
  • How you can reconnect to the love that brought you together
  • How you can plan a future based on mutual values and interests
  • How you can share a spiritual bond to carry you through life’s journey

I usually see couples on a weekly or biweekly basis, and in between visits I’ll give you “homework assignments” so you can continue to develop the techniques you’re learning. The goal of Imago Therapy is to give you the tools that will enable you to become conscious and compassionate partners throughout life.

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